The Dirty Shames @ Cake Shop Live Review

Photos and Review By: Jessica Cassino

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The Dirty Shames were most certainly not a dirty shame. The walk from the train station to Cake Shop was though. The stench on Essex and Delancey really stung my nostrils.

Cake Shop has everything a girl could want: cupcakes, booze, and loud, loud music. The dudes weren’t really that cute. Men in their 30s should not wear shirts with 80s cartoon characters on them.

Enough about what wasn’t great and more about what was. The Dirty Shames look and act like a rock n roll band should. Before the show, I got to yap a little bit with lead singer Lisa Lush. Yes, her last name is Lush. How cool is that?

Anyway, Lisa Lush knows a thing or two about the music scene. Not only is she a musician, she is also a promoter/booker. Oh yea and she has great style. “I shop at Rainbow because I can’t afford the high-end stuff”, she laughingly said.  She also hit the stage with freshly bleached hair, courtesy of Ricky’s.

According to Lisa, the best way to describe the unique sound of The Dirty Shames is, “a cross between The Ramones and The Rolling Stones.” That is pretty accurate. Like The Ramones, their songs are short, fast, and catchy.

Behind every woman are few good men. The Dirty Shames also include Nathan LaChance on guitar, Matt Marando on bass, and Howe Wowie on drums.  They are also sharp dressers.

The show started with, “What A Man Can’t Do”.  Lisa Lush kicked off her heels minutes after taking the stage.  I don’t blame her. It is pretty hard to be fashionably loud when your feet hurt.

“Give It A Rest” and “Teenage Kicks” also sound great live. For those of you who missed this show, there is still hope. The Dirty Shames will be touring in January and February of 2012 with Paul Collins. Hey Canada, brace yourselves. The Dirty Shames are pretty intense, eh.

Now all of you go download “Gonna Quit You” and “You’re a Drag”. Then jump up and down and flip your hair. That is what these songs are there for.


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