The New Dali continues to excite visitors with an awe-inspiring installation of the Museum’s permanent collection within the combined 20,000 square feet state-of-the-art gallery spaces allowing for the first time the complete viewing of all 96 oil paintings, plus a selection of drawings, fine prints, photographs, videos and Surreal Objects by Salvador Dali.

¡Viva la Revelación! presents the collection in a chronological sequence, highlighting key works and transitional relationships in Dali’s oeuvre. Specially designed salons surround the outer perimeter of the core exhibition housing the world-famous Masterworks. The Dali in St. Petersburg presents the greatest number of these Masterworks in one place. The salons offer visitors magnificent vistas of the paintings from various angles in ambient natural light. The two main galleries will have access to an alcove within the “glass enigma” giving guests a panoramic breathtaking view of Tampa Bay before continuing their exploration of The New Dali: Viva Dali, Viva la Revelación.

Dali and Hipstamatic

The founders of Hipstamatic the most popular camera application for the iPhone, were asked by Dalí Museum Board Member Jeff Goodby to produce a camera App for the New Dalí Museum. It was created in fall 2010 and called the Dalí Museum GoodPak. Characterized by surrealist overlays, Dalí’s glowing color palette, and a randomness that allows distortion and discovery, the App is a modern day ode to the brilliance of the prominent Surrealist and blurs the line between the real and the surreal.

The camera App was immediately popular and Hipstamatic worked with the ad agency Goodby Silverstein to create a global contest, which drew thousands of entries. The contest exhorted photographers to “show John Waters your freak flag.” The nine finalists and the winner selected by filmmaker and visual artist John Waters are displayed in this room. They are printed on canvas by an inkjet process.

This exhibition is created with the assistance of Hipstamatic and Goodby Silverstein. The Dalí expresses special thanks to: Jeff Goodby, Gareth Kay, Lucas Buick, Ryan Dorshorst, Brian Gunderson, Jody Horn, Carey Head, Alex Burke, Christine O’Donnell, and Mario Estrada.  On exhibition in the Raymond James Community Room until January 31, 2011


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