The Occupy Movement Simplified

By: Garrett Mickley

This is not a political piece of any kind. We are not trying to persuade anyone to feel one thing or another. This is strictly to inform those who are confused. It is very easy to become confused with the Occupy movement. They haven’t really made their objectives clear.

The Occupy movement started in September of 2011 on Wall Street, with the first protest (Still ongoing at the time of this publication) being titled “Occupy Wall Street”. It was started by a Canadian activist group called Adbusters, though a large portion of the protests exist in the United States. Protesting social and economic inequality at a time when many are out of jobs and able to protest. After all, everyone wants to be a part of something every now and again.

The main point of the Occupy movement is that 50% of the world’s wealth is held by 1% of the population. Their slogan is “We are the 99%”, yet there has been support from many of the “1%”.

Perhaps one reason many don’t understand the Occupy movement is because of its lack of leadership. Though it was started by Adbusters, it is not run by Adbusters. There are important participants who, instead of giving directions and orders like a leader, are simply organizing public forums for those feeling disenfranchised to speak their concerns.

Just as they lack leadership, they also lack specific goals. While they strive for economic equality, the movement its self is open to concerns of various degrees. Perhaps this has pulled many in, but the lack of a clear mission statement has no doubt left many more confused. People tend to dislike what they don’t understand, and this could be hurting the cause much more than helping it.

I hope that after reading this you are not confused anymore. For more information on the Occupy movement, there are many websites run by Occupiers and, of course, Wikipedia has much more information than one person could possibly retain. The information in this article does not necessarily reflect the ideas or beliefs of the writer, nor the publication.


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