Joseph Vogt – Independence Film

Independent film-makers tend not to be shy, they can’t afford to be. They need every ear to hear what they have to say because; just one of those ears might be the ‘right ear’ that leads their project to the silver screen. And if not, they still need to amass as much public as possible to know about their project, for charity-style funding (if @IndywoodFilms, a Twitter fan-funded independent film project is an example) or simply to gather momentum.

Joseph Vogt however, has an allergy to silver. And he hates people. He is also making an independent film. A film that’s under so much wrap he visibly prickles when asked about it, almost to the point where he almost denies its – and his own – existence.

He does very much exist however, and so does his film – a slightly twisted tale in the suburban habitat of a 1950’s family, and the passing of a tradition from mother to daughter. This is as much as I could bleed from him about the plot, while he digresses about the tolls of the production, surpassing time, budget and causing degeneration of tolerance and internal organs. It is due for release early 2012 and is already being lined up for film festivals worldwide.

Though he talks of inspirations from Kubrick, Lynch and Mapplethorpe, if his photography is anything to go by, his film will be crafted from cunning, and directed by a deacon of doom.


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