The Ghosts Find Life Through Death

The Ghosts

Borne from the tragedy of the suicide of lead singer Charles Haddon – Ou Est le Swimming Pool, vocalist/guitarist Alex Starling decided in 2010 to form a new band. Together with drummer Ian Palmer, Rayna Ferner & Alex Sharman on keyboards and Dan Whiffin on guitar they are The Ghosts, a London collective airing out the skeletons and spectres of “the painful loss of family members, close friends, near-death experiences and failed relationships” according to their press release.

Given the backstory of their foundation, you couldn’t be blamed for assuming their tunes would be black and heavy sepulchral dirges. This couldn’t be further from the truth, their debut album The End (released April 2012) is a spritely disco-esque affair with nods in the direction of classic and contemporary electro-pop.  Beats that carry an easy updraft and catchy harmonies more a signal of hope after disaster than point of no return.

Their title track Ghosts bounces borderline towards New Order with a head-bopping new romantik tempo, while Enough Time could be a cousin of the Scissor Sisters. Persuasive and elusive melodies tinged with melancholy but on the whole, are easy to listen to and safe to eat between meals without ruining your appetite.

Enough Time is the debut single releasing in January 2012. You can catch some songs on Soundcloud as well as The Guardian, and the band is offering some sneak-peeks and downloads via Facebook, so get connected before Venkman and co bust them.


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