Trippple Nippples – Titular Trippin

Just when you start thinking you’ve pretty much seen and heard everything, 3 girls squirt you with Baileys from false cow-udders while singing about LSD at a tempo exceeding 4000 beats per minute.

It’s one of those moments that – regardless whether you actually like it or not, or whether it induces long dormant foaming-fits – your belief in the absurd comedy and creativity of the human spirit is restored. As well as giving you a pretty original idea for casual Friday, and a way of getting rid of that encrusted bottle of Irish Cream barnacled at the back of the drinks cupboard.

OF COURSE they’re Japanese, how could they not be? Trippple Nippples are a tasselled trilogy from Tokyo and these are the new voice of brain-damage pop. Yuka, Qrea and Nabe Nippple (I’m sure their birth names) have spurted a path of infamy for their ecstatic electro and energy of their live shows, dressing up in visages even Gaga would gag at – rotting spaghetti and liquid latex for them, blood and alcoholic milk for the crowd.

Their title track, LSD is just plain nuts – there is no precedent for the music they are making. Masaka comes a close second, while Goldenroad is luxurious, rich and mellow experience after these 2.

LSD is available for free download (and I urge you to do so). There are 3 other tracks available for listening too, just keep a Valium within reach.


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