The Cast Before The Break is Catharic Captivation

Picking right up where the THE CAST BEFORE THE BREAK’s highly-regarded EP, As Your Shoulders Turn On You, left off,Still conjures up images frozen in time…those important still-frame moments forever locked in your mind that refuse to fade. Following a more structured, considered path that finds just as much comfort in the delicate moments of a song than the whirling, western showdowns of distortion, tempo shifts and and cathartic build-and-releases, this full-length debut shows layers of depth and marks a noteworthy progression for a band with much to say. Vocalist TJ Foster sings with fervent intensity “And like the silence I surround you / I pull apart the seams / And separate the sound” and you feel that exact, captivating rawness to each track. Produced by Mike LaPierre (Brand New, Death Cab For Cutie) and mastered by Mike Kalajian (Moving Mountains), Still strives for balance, exploring post-rock elements while at the same time finding the value of a powerful melody over distorted guitars, crossing genre lines and consistently tugging at your emotions. This is an album that lingers long after the final notes echo away. “The idea behind the band name is pretty straightforward. Sometimes we become too careful in our own skin, especially when it comes to communicating with other people. Instead of being adventurous and branching out, we become comfortable and settle too quickly, like putting a cast on your arm long before you ever break it” says vocalist TJ Foster. “When it comes to our music, we never write a song just for the sake of writing a song. It’s always an outpouring of emotion, which comes across no matter what instrument we play. All of us are inspired by the idea of trying to create something beautiful and powerful. We’re inspired by the hope that the songs will find their way to someone who’s affected by them. We went into recording Still with the notion that the album as a whole would be greater than its parts. Although thematically sometimes bleak, there is a definite feeling of hope beneath the surface, and we want people to find that for themselves. While there are very clear and also very subtle musical themes throughout, lyrically each song was an exercise in capturing a moment… a still,” says Foster.


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