Chairman of the Board/CEO:
WHOA Media Group/WHOA World Media
Anthony “Train” Caruso

WHOA Magazine
Lisa R Caruso

Editor in Chief:
Leslie Laabs

Web Editor/Technical Support:
Barb White

Creative Director:
Brad Walkover

Director of Online Media:
Renee Grossman

VP Advertising and Promotions

Dee Thomas
Special promotions/inserts encouraged. Agency discounts and special placements available.

Editorial Contributors:

Sid Cocain, Laura Studarus, Jett Wells, Ashley Henry,  Jacob Weis, Jessica Cassino, Kat George, Laura Studarus, Molly Braswell, Samantha May, Danielle Grossman, Garrett Mickley, Leslie Laabs, Ramon SingleyII,  Anthony “Train” Caruso

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Distribution Info:
PDG and Anna’s International

Subscribe online:

Review samples, art, gadgets, DVDs, books and music may be sent to our editorial office mailing address attention “Submissions.” Please send e-mail links to We happily accept and encourage samples but a submission does not guarantee or promise coverage.

Corporate Office:
WHOA Media Group
1730 E Hwy 50, #94
Clermont, FL 34711

Editorial Office:
WHOA Submissions
1730 E Hwy 50 #94
Clermont,FL 34711

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