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CounterTop Radio — Ep.10 — Lightning Round of Snobbery, New SPIN Magazine, Writers/Biopics

By: Jett Wells and Nathan Mattise It’s a landmark episode for CounterTop Radio. It’s been 10! Pretty stunning if we don’t say. In this episode we wanted to discuss about the changes going on at SPIN Magazine that focuses on heavy digital/less print issues, writers that need biopics about them and we made up another […]

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WHOA Magazine — CounterTop Radio — Ep. 9 — Radiohead Hoax and Fantasy Reunions

Welcome to our 9th episode of CounterTop Radio where Nate and I return to our favorite Crown/Crap It and talk about Feist’s new album, Occupy Wall Street’s Radiohead concert hoax, while also giving praise too artsts over 60 we respect and which forms of culture we want to see comebacks and reunions with.   Play […]

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CounterTop Radio — Ep.8 — Epic Moustaches, Sabremetrics and Has CYHSY Gone Soft?

CounterTop Radio — Ep. 8 — Epic Moustaches, Sabremetrics and has CYHSY Gotten Soft? For this week, Nate and Jett wanted to hash out a fundamental disagreement over the direction of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and their new album, “Hysterical.” Jett stood fast that the band has lost their trademarked whacky madness to their […]

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